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Today you will be exposed to almost 3,000 messages.
You’ll pay attention to just over 50 and remember about 4.
Information abundance has led to attention scarcity.

How We Deal With It

Does any of this sound familiar?


With 80% of donations being provided by 20% of giving sources and an average yearly donor retention rate float around 40%, it’s clear that non-profits have unique challenges to overcome in their communications. Even though over 75% of potential donors visit an organization’s website before giving, the majority of online donation pages aren’t even mobile friendly. Non-profits have big work to do and they need to be prepared. Does this resonate with you? See how we can help >>>>


From independent schools to higher education, the challenges are similar but unique to both. Everyone is looking for help not just with increasing enrollment, but finding the right students. Despite college enrollment growth projections through 2022, this period will move at the slowest pace in decades. Every institution is also looking to raise more money. For independent schools and higher ed, alumni participation hovers around 9% overall. Parents giving to independent schools is just above 60% nationally. Are you experiencing these issues? See how we can help >>>


With 31% more blogs in 2015 than 2012 and social media use at an all-time high, there are more opinions circulating online than ever. Strangely enough, only 38% of marketers rate their content effective and they’re barely even measuring their social “success”. Lead generation is the buzz phrase in this arena, but a lack of resources in staffing, budgets, and time make hitting targets and growing business harder than ever. Businesses who rely on distributors or a widely dispersed salesforce also have to struggle with managing brand consistency. Where do you even begin? If this sounds like you, see how we can help >>>>

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