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The Ramaz School
Annual Dinner 2014

Services Used: Strategy and Analytics, Web, Design, E-mail, Print, Direct Mail

Client Situation

The Ramaz School’s largest fundraising activity is centered around their Annual Dinner. They had traditionally used generic mass e-mail marketing and direct mail to drive donations, registrations, and ad journal reservations for the event. They were in need of a better approach toward engaging with their constituents around this major event.


Events and event communications are so multifaceted and have to provide various amounts of information in a short span of time. We wanted to design a progressive touch campaign that would use data and personalization to improve the level of which Ramaz was engaging with their audience that also utilized multiple channels.


For this campaign we harnessed the power of data and targeted messaging to really kick things into high gear. We continued to use their preferred channels of e-mail and direct mail. Each touch was varied, so the prospect received a message based on their profile and level of engagement based on the previous communication. Once a recipient completed what Ramaz had requested of them, they were removed from the prospect messages. The initial pieces directed the recipient to a personalized website to better gauge their level of engagement. Detail campaign analytics were conducted after the program concluded to provide deeper insight for future campaigns.


The campaign drove over $22 for every $1 invested and the activity analytics provided dramatic insight into which elements affected the campaign’s success. This analysis determined that including specific words in their subject line drove a remarkable increase in open rates. Messaging customized based upon activity and constituency made for impressive increases in engagement and donation levels over those that were generic for the entire community. Furthermore, the recipients anecdotally acknowledged that it was really great to not get messaging that didn’t apply to them and once they fulfilled their ask and that they were not bombarded with messaging.

dollars for every $1 raised