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Survey Sampling International
Marketing Portal

Services Used: Web technology, marketing bridge

Client Situation

As an international corporation with multiple office locations, Survey Sampling International (SSI) has a lot of print runs that need to be produced and shipped to different offices all the time. One of their biggest print needs are business cards, which every new hire or promoted employee requests. SSI has a small marketing staff, and the high volume of business card requests left a single designer’s resources completely drained—virtually all of her time was spent laying out and prepping cards for production and acquiring approvals from staff.  Frustrated and fed up, they desperately needed a solution.


To streamline the layout and approval process, reduce printing costs for high volume requests, and maximize the time and resources of an already strained design staff.


Action Graphics shared with them how they could setup a marketing portal that would allow SSI employees to set up and approve their own new business cards, freeing up the designers’ precious time. The template design was fully locked except for certain areas that were able to be edited by the employee, like their personal information.  To ensure quality control, all employee-approved requests were routed to the marketing department for final approval and placed in a batching hold.  To guarantee cost efficiency, batches of cards would be gang run. When card requests reached a high enough quantity to justify printing, the cards were released to Action for printing and shipping to each person directly to their office location.


The marketing department is now much more efficient not having to use design resources to lay out business cards and can instead focus on larger projects.  The employees like it because they get to see and approve their cards instantly and not get caught in interdepartmental approval limbo.  This has resulted in increased cost savings, reduced overall production time, and improved the efficiency overall at SSI.