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Star of Hope Ministries
Rebranding 2014-2015

Services Used: Strategy, Design, Print

Client Situation

Star of Hope Ministries just finished celebrating their 50th anniversary.  However, the previous years saw an overall decline in their donorbase and general support.  In need of a shot in the arm but still a staple of the community, Star of Hope re-hired their executive director who had left the organization a few years prior.  With some new leadership and a new perspective, the organization sought a rebranding to match a refreshed vision. Limited staff and expertise left them requiring assistance, that’s where Action Graphics comes in.

Objective & Solution

Having known the organization for over 20 years, we knew that we had to ground our strategy in Star of Hope’s “why”. By reframing their messaging to better depict not simply what they do—but rather why they do it—was crucial.  To accompany the new message was a fresh visual identity.  We wanted to provide Star of Hope with a look that was not only current, but also spoke to their longevity and importance to a community in need. The final logo contained an illustration of the church’s iconic architecture in a modern graphic style and neutral color palette. Additionally, we provided the organization with a fundraising and communication plan that would draw attention to the rebrand and capture lapsed and lost donors.


Star of Hope began its 51st year of service with renewed vigor and community spirit.  Board members, staff, donors, and community partners began paying more attention to the organization and heralded its new look.  The fresh branding provided the kick they needed to begin a new day for the church.  Slowly but surely donors were building back up and great things and excitement was back at Star of Hope.