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The 2010 U.S. Census data reflected the changing shifts in the nation’s demographics. Perhaps the most striking overall finding is that “overall findings” are becoming a thing of the past. There is no one standard consumer. In fact, the idea of the standard consumer is gone, probably forever. The average customer has been replaced by a complex, multi-dimensional buyer that defies basic labeling. The marketing implication—particularly for non-profit organizations—is clearly that targeting is more important than ever.

Non-profits face challenges when it comes to fundraising appeals, donor acquisition and retention, and raising meaningful awareness of their work. Successful marketing depends the ability to compile relevant data that enables organizations to better profile their constituency. Though nothing has a greater chance of producing result than a face-to-face meeting, finding a way to make personal contact still helps better your chances. What if it was possible to establish more of an individual relationship even before the one-on-one conversation?

This paper will present and discuss:

  • Personalization vs Individualization
  • Strategies to individualize
  • Tactics and techniques by channel
    • E-mail
    • Print and Direct Mail
    • Web
    • Video
  • Short case studies and examples

As the airwaves get more crowded and our voices begin to get lost in the white noise, it’s increasingly more important to connect with people in a deeply personal way. Non-profit organizations must find creative new ways to connect with their current donors, re-engage lapsed donors, and grow the gift levels of those who continue to participate. If you are struggling with these issues, download this whitepaper to learn more.

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