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Eastern Christian High School
Enrollment Campaign 2014-2015

Services Used: Strategy, Web, Design, Direct Mail, Print

Client Situation

With lackluster enrollment applications in prior years, Eastern Christian High School was struggling to raise the number of students attending.  As a response, an enrollment and marketing manager was hired in order to implement a successful strategy. EC wanted a new vision that focused on enrollment in a different way and capitalized on their affordable tuition. They needed help increasing awareness of their tuition program and boosting enrollment overall in a way that supplemented the new digital strategies they were already employing.


This type of project required a data-first approach, making Action Graphics an ideal candidate to assist Eastern Christian. We wanted to focus on attracting two groups of prospective parents; one based on the demographic of current EC families, the other on psychographic profile. We then created a program comprised of 3 direct mail pieces with varied messaging respective to the group of prospects that also included ways to track the performance of each touch. Since our goal was to increase enrollment and promote affordable tuition, the campaign theme reinforced the availability of a high quality Christian education.


The direct mail program consisted of 3 oversized postcards—each with messaging tailored to the recipient group—which contained links to personalized URLs (pURL) we set up for the campaign. The ability to track the performance of each mail piece was imperative, and the pURLs allowed us to understand who was following through on our call to action which was a prompt to learn more about EC’s offerings and ultimately to apply. If a recipient did not apply, they continued receiving the postcards. Once someone did apply, they were removed from the list. Following the 3 mail touches, we analyzed the website data to better understand who was engaged enough to learn more by visiting the pURL. Anyone considered highly engaged but who didn’t apply was sent a highlight personalized fourth mail touch with a “handwritten” note and brochure on the school.


This direct mail program helped contribute to a banner year for enrollment.  More people than ever became aware of the school, its mission and affordability which helped increase applications from the prior year by 900%!